Ritual Bath Kit
Ritual Bath Kit
Ritual Bath Kit

Ritual Bath Kit

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Ritual Bathing
Water holds memory and emotional energy, making it the perfect conductor for emotional release and regulation. When blended with natural healing resources like salt and plant medicine, a bath becomes an outlet for release, a vessel for connection, and a restorative experience for every layer of your being. Your conscious awareness in the water is the key to letting go.

Ritual Bath Ingredients:
- Sea Salt - cleanse and purify physical and subtle bodies
-Essential Oil Aromatherapy - pure rose essence for easing sadness, anger, and grief
-Plant Medicine - Blue Vervain to balance mood and ease  sadness, orange peel for creativity and emotional flow, and rose petals for personal and collective grace.
-Crystal Vibrational Healing - a clear quartz crystal for amplified healing intentions, or any other water safe crystal

Adding sliced fresh oranges is a treat!